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Property Valuation




The Firm undertakes valuations covering the following assets amongst others: Land and Buildings, Plant and Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Household and Office Furniture,  Fittings and Equipment and Intangible Assets i.e. Goodwill. Our approach depends on a combination of high professional standards, extensive research and sound knowledge of market trends and conditions.  We collate and analyze relevant data using different approaches in order to arrive at reliable valuation results.

Our team of experts apply standard practices based on statutory requirements and a vast knowledge of the real estate market as it applies to the Professional Valuation Practices.  We guarantee the potency of our final report as we review and investigate all Data Sources, elements, tools and parties that may influence the collation process.

As experts in this filed, we aim at satisfying our numerous clients by setting a standard against which all other professionals in the field should be measured. In light of this, we guarantee our clients that we are not aimed at competing but we aim at providing a Total Client Satisfaction (TCS) Package that should not only be envied but adopted by all.

  • Definition of Key task / identification of Client / User / Purpose of the report.
  • Scope of work.
  • Site Inspections and data collection.
  • Research and Analysis (alternative use / economic data).
  • Application of the approaches to value (methodologies & Logic).
  • Value Opinion.
  • Quality assessment / reconciliation of value indicating and final opinion.
  • Issue draft report and discuss.
  • Provide formal report.